About US

Jens Näsström, Occupational Psychologist & Independent researcher

Jens Näsström is an Occupational Psychologist, who for the last fifteen years has specialized in enhancing performance and well-being in the legal sector. As Head Researcher at Lawyer Performance, he is continually conducting research on lawyers.
He has trained extensively at the Swedish Bar Association (including the Bar Exam) the Danish Bar Association, the Norwegian Legal Workers’ Union, JUSEK, TCO, Thomson Reuters, Law Society, the Swedish National Courts’ Administration, and law firms of all sizes.

Malin Nyman,

Executive Advisor and Coach at Catalyst, associated Program Director at Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education

Malin Nyman is a former judge (hovrättsassessor) of the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm. Since she changed her career in 2006, she has specialized in leadership development with a special focus on leadership in the legal industry. With that background, and also being an experienced leadership trainer, coach, and group facilitator, combined with her business understanding which comes from her experience of founding and running various consulting firms, she is very appreciated for her skills as a knowledgeable and engaging facilitator and trainer. She is currently running a number of projects and programs for lawyers to enhance leadership skills, including leadership programs for the Swedish Bar Association, as well as customized projects handling different challenges/opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic.